June, 2022

16th June


Life is a seemingly endless spiral, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful, sometimes dark and void, but always with a glimmer of the promise of better things to come.

17th June


May glitter and specks of gold litter the paths you’ve followed on life’s journey.

19th June


A father’s affirmation
leaves a lasting impact on his children’s lives.


It is a spotlight that
lights their way along life’s dark and treacherous road;


It is a voice that
whispers “keep going” when they are about to give up;


It is a tree that
casts a shade for them to rest under when they are too weary to take another


And it is the applause
that never stops for as long they are on life’s stage.

29th June

Water the seeds of love and kindness within you so they may bloom and bless the world with their sweet aroma.

30th June

Black, white, and the grey areas in-between.