February, 2022

10th February

Even in the looming storms of life, there are still rays of hope urging us not to give up.

12th February


There will be certain moments in life when we must face our demons alone. Even then, may our fervent prayers for each other help us safely navigate the rough passages of life.

13th February


Never give up and abandon the boat of life even if the storms persist and your hope starts to wane. Instead, call out to the one who stills the wind and calms the waves with his voice.

14th February

A Shout out to love in its various forms:

Old love, new love, lost love; 

Self-love, familial love, divine love;

 And the bittersweet pangs of unrequited love.


17th February

Dedicated to all the late bloomers whose sun starts to rise  during their sunset years,

23rd February

… and to the early bloomers and trendsetters who pave the way for the rest to follow. May the sun not set too soon on your lives even as it rises for the late bloomers.