My artwork is semi-autobiographical and is partly influenced by my personal experiences and observations.
I am a self-taught artist and gravitate naturally towards bright colors. I  draw best on long flights, in hotel rooms, in restaurants when eating out alone, and in seminars. Digital medium enables me to conveniently do this. I work with acrylics and oil pastel when I’m at home.
Ultimately, regardless of the location or the medium, filling a blank page with paintings or words is a very fulfilling experience for me. 

Writing allows me to explore the extremes of human nature. I have taught criminology for the past eight years and believe that there is a Jekyll and Hyde waging a silent war in each one of us. Majority of us keep Hyde imprisoned in the depths of our souls and ignore his occasional screams to be set free. But there are those among us who have given Hyde free rein to their lives. It is their victims that I often write about.

                           ~ Aswan ~